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Dolfi, LLC provides seasoned, professional and personalized legal advice to every one of our Clients. With over 20 years of handling personal injury cases, we have the means and knowledge to resolve your case efficiently, effectively and timely.

Experienced Attorneys

We have experienced Attorneys that are able to address and resolve your individual personal injury needs. Our broad base of experience comes not only from handling cases for injured parties, but also from handling cases for the insurance companies. We have sat on the other side of the table, and we understand how they analyze and seek to resolve injury cases. This rare combination of experience allows us to provide our Clients with advice and counsel from a unique, holistic perspective.

Who Is Dolfi, LLC?

We are a boutique personal injury law firm. That’s all we do. We eat, sleep and breathe personal injury matters. When you couple this focused practice with the extensive and immersive experience we have in the personal injury field, we are capable, ready and willing to fight for you and/or your loved ones.

Contact us online or give us a call today for a consultation. You have nothing to lose…the consultation is free. And we do not get paid unless we successfully resolve your case and get money for you.

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Our Purpose & Philosophy

Our purpose is to provide superior legal services to our Clients at a competitive and fair price. Our philosophy is that every Client should be treated as if they were part of our family. Established years ago, the philosophy of “Let Our Family Fight for Yours” is both figurative and literal.

After obtaining his Pennsylvania Law License, Glenn D. Dolfi, Jr. joined his Father, Glenn Sr., in his general practice office, establishing Dolfi & Dolfi, LLC. This was truly a family operation, with several other family members working as staff throughout the years. It was our sole objective to handle our Client’s matters as we would if they were family, and this philosophy served us well. When Glenn Sr. retired in 2010, Glenn Jr. ran the office until moving with his family to Columbus in late 2012, at which time Dolfi & Dolfi, LLC was closed.

After obtaining his Ohio Law License, and through many additional experiences working in the personal injury field, on both sides of the table for law firms and for insurance companies, it was time to return the philosophy learned when working with his Father.

Every employee at Dolfi, LLC has worked together for many years. While not personally related, the Attorneys and Staff at Dolfi, LLC are family. 

Our family will fight for yours.


Your legal matters and personal information are kept with the utmost confidentiality. Upon retaining Dolfi, LLC, your communications are not only confidential, they are privileged. You can trust Dolfi, LLC to protect your personal and private information within the limits of the law.


Fast Results

Handling a personal injury case takes time and effort. Anyone that tells you differently, or offers up some immediate value to your case, without first knowing the extent of your injuries and your medical treatment, doesn’t have the required experience in the personal injury field to properly handle your case and provide you with a fair resolution.  

Recognizing that the treatment process and the time it takes to properly put your file in order to negotiate with the insurance companies is the first step to establishing a quality working relationship and ultimately obtaining a fair resolution of your case. 

You can rest assured that we will do the utmost to get you the best possible outcome for your case in as timely a manner as possible. Without diminishing your case by cutting corners, while also understanding that time waits for no one, we will expeditiously, diligently and vigorously advocate on your behalf for the results you deserve.


First Consultation

Your first consultation as a Client of Dolfi, LLC is always free. We do not get paid unless we successfully resolve your case and get money for you.

“Every employee at our Office has worked together for many years. While not personally related, the Attorneys and Staff at Dolfi, LLC are family. Our family will fight for yours.”

Glenn D. Dolfi, Jr.

Owner & Managing Attorney

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